Jochen (Joe) Renz is an Electronics Engineer from Stuttgart, Germany (Home of Mercedes, Bosch, Porsche, etc), and now resides in Chicago, USA. After a 20-year corporate IT career, he co-founded New Mobility World with his brother Alexander (Alex). Simply put, cars and IT are in our blood. 

Joe understands the car as an important building block in the future of multi-modal mobility. However, much of disruptive innovation happens in the form of solutions around the car and in the broader mobility ecosystem. Joe goes far beyond the car itself and takes a holistic view of the emerging smart mobility and transportation space aka New Mobility World®.

Joe views Distributed Ledger Technology as the enabler of IoT, Big Data and AI/ML to create the System of Systems.

Jochen (Joe) Renz

Managing Partner

Alexander (Alex) Renz's passion is technology-driven business model innovation with a focus on the future of mobility and transportation. How do you leverage technologies to create thriving ecosystems and associated digital business models whilst protecting data and mitigating cyber security risks? 

As almost every physical object carries a chip and “Software eats the World”, Alex brings perspectives from the tech world and some of the world’s best software companies. He lived through major technology shifts including web, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and the transition towards cloud computing and software as a service. 

• Ever since Alex initiated SAP’s sponsorship of the MIT Auto-ID Center in 2001, he is passionate about the Internet-of-Things (IoT). 

• Alex is passionate about distributed ledger technologies and their potential in the New Mobility and the emerging Machine-to-Machine (M2M) economy. 

• He explores how technologies such as next generation connected car platforms enable autonomous driving through AI, new data driven business models and acceptable data and cyber security risks. 

His focus is on exponential technologies such as IoT, Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technologies, cloud versus edge computing and the evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

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